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Librarian & Youth Advocate

I've been working in public libraries for 16 years, but my passion for service and young adult literature began when I got my first job at an independent toy and book shop. After working there for five years, I decided to pursue a career as high school English teacher, but ended up working part-time in the public library I grew up in. 

I have an extensive background in Youth Services, but what spurred my interest in Teen Services is when I had the opportunity to really work with teens beyond books--I was able to make a difference in their lives simply by being someone to talk to and confide in. In fact, I mentor several young adults who I have known since they were teens, which has shown me that teens appreciate adults who can not only take an interest in them, but who provide them with guidance and support. 

When I had the opportunity to work with another extraordinary group of teens, and a colleague who is just as passionate as I am, I didn't realize how profound this experience would be. This book wouldn't have been possible without the drive, dedication, and compassion conveyed by teens who want to support their peers in crisis while educating and advocating for themselves.   

Thank you for your interest in supporting teens and I hope this book inspires you to create an initiative that allows the opportunity to support and guide teens in a direction to better themselves and their community.