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Critical Conversations: Mental Health Awareness

On Thursday, April 4, I had the pleasure of presenting at the 2019 Critical Conversations on Mental Health Awareness sponsored by the Ohio State Library and the Northeast Regional Public Library System. In a very short sixty minutes, I spoke to a room packed of 50+ eager library staff who wanted to learn more about how the Pasadena Public Library and the Pasadena Public Library Teen Advisory conceptualized, designed, and implemented a teen mental health initiative.

Not only was the response overwhelming to the idea of teen mental health programming, I am happy to say that there were a lot of questions in regards to establishing safe zones and how to better engage teens in developing services relevant to their needs. While it was difficult to incorporate all of the details of the teen mental health initiative in a one-hour presentation, I was happy to share what I could with the wonderful library staff from Ohio

Thank you to Melissa Lattanzi from the NEO-RLS for inviting me to be apart of this wonderful conversation and thank you to the Ohio State Library for investing in your staff by sponsoring amazing staff development opportunities like this one. #

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